Looking to hire an early career HR candidate?

Recruiting at this level for your HR team can be time-consuming.  The level of response is often high and it takes time to identify which candidates have a genuine interest in developing a career in HR as well as the capability to do so.  This is where I can help!

The solution I have put together cuts through all of this for you, resulting in a motivated and credible shortlist.  The fee structure is fair and transparent, meaning that you benefit from both an attractive time and cost of hire.  I will work with you exclusively and commit my time to find you an awesome new team member.

There is a tendency for experienced HR Recruiters to focus on the mid to senior end of the market, however, the importance of making the right hires at the early stage is not to be under-estimated.

My aim is to combine my knowledge of what HR Management needs from their early career hires, along with a thorough and supportive recruitment process to ensure that all parties benefit and enjoy working with me.

The process is detailed below and so if you are looking to make additions to your team, then please complete the form below and we can then arrange a time to discuss in more detail.

I’m easy to work with, know what I am doing and the icing on the cake is that the fee structure is very competitive!

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