Complete the Video
Complete the Video!

When working on certain vacancies I invite candidates to complete a video introduction using a simple online video process. There are many reasons why I do this, however, ultimately it is because it benefits everybody in the process:

Employers like this process for many reasons:

  • It saves them a huge amount of time. Time from a business owner’s point of view is a rare commodity that once spent cannot be easily replaced.
  • By sending video interviews it gives an employer a much better idea of what a person is like, it means that they do not have to sift through a mountain of CVs and shortlist in the traditional manner.
  • It also means that they potentially do not miss out on an ideal candidate because they have shortlisted against overly strict criteria for the role.
  • It means that they do not necessarily have to do shortlist interviews as the video interview works instead of this.

From your point of view

As the recruiter has more information available to them, they can make better-informed decisions.  The main benefit to you is that you are able to show more of your personality and expand on any areas that you CV might not cover.  If you are then invited to interview there is a stronger chance that they are actually interested in you.

If a Recruiter receives a high volume of applications, then often the first stage interview is simply to help them further shortlist for the role.  This is understandable, however frustrating from a candidate perspective when you consider what it might cost in terms of time, travel costs and of course the emotional investment.  If you, therefore, turn up to interview as 1 of 10 people for a role, it can feel like a wasted investment as your chances of securing the role are limited.  This is not a defeatist attitude, more working the maths of the situation!  I’d rather you invest your resources into talking to people that are more interested than that!

If you are ready to take control and supercharge your job search and would like me to help, then I would like to invite you to record the video introduction. Once you have completed this,  I will use it to support any applications you make for my vacancies, as well as providing you with a link for the video which you can include on any applications that you make directly.

It costs nothing to try it out and will give you an opportunity to practise your interview technique.  If you don’t like the result you can always delete it!

Complete the Video